Most Used DAW?

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Most Used DAW?

Post by Katylyst »

So everyone has their DAW program of choice.

What experience does everyone have with what DAWs, and what are some things you like and dislike about them per ones you've used?

I'll start off with my list ranked from most used to least used.

FL Studio

-Piano roll is easy to use
-CPU usage has improved in the latest versions depending on workflow
-Workflow isn't linked instrument to mixer bus so you can be more creative with mixer routing.

-No effective way to 'freeze' certain tracks like other DAWs for CPU (unless they've added this)
-Longstanding bug where tracks rendered in ASIO have frequencies cutoff from the spectrum ends, rendering in regular audio mode fixes this
-CPU usage can be worse depending on how you route mixer tracks (multithreading)
-The Vector GUI has improved over the years but I'm not too much of a fan of the overall layout

Ableton Live

-Lower CPU usage overall in my experience, sometimes I like the non-modular workflow in where 1 mixer bus per instrument
-Grouping system is neat where you can have groups/subgroups
-Freezing feature is nice although I don't use it very often
-The GUI is quite skin-able, like the VST plug-in list

-Has some weird occasional crashes now and then
-The piano roll could be a bit more intuitive for non-MIDI controller users
-Didn't support VST3 until recently

Note: I've used more than these but I will edit my post and add more later. :)
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Re: Most Used DAW?

Post by Tarvali »

Honestly, I've been stuck on FL Studio just because I love Windows more than Mac (I thought about switching to Logic, but price...). I started on Garageband when I was just messing around. Quickly switched over to FL Studio because it matched my workflow better. I did have a class in college/university that used Logic, but they really didn't teach us how to use the DAW.

FL Studio

-Your choice in workflow. Everything is right there
-Easy to set up a great template of instruments, routing, colors, etc. to get you going quicker (I set it up to have basically one of each synth I love then I can expand/change from there)
-CPU usage is getting better (still got great) but my 8700K CPU (not overclocked) still struggles with my tracks once I am getting to mixdown state

-Still takes forever to render out a track compared to Logic
-No freezing option
-If you replace an instrument (like Sylenth to DUNE) it resets your color and naming convention
-Occasional freeze/crash (possibly linked to Skype updates)
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