Community Guidelines [Please Read]

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Community Guidelines [Please Read]

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Hello Ascension community. To help us avoid unpleasant situations and drama we have a couple do's and don'ts we ask you to please follow. We are trying to build an inclusive space for all of the trance family to share one thing we have in common - music.


Be Nice
We have people from across the globe and of various cultures and could have different opinions. Please be respectful as we don't want to have to warn or ban you from the community.

Constructively Criticize
We want this to be a welcoming place where you can get feedback on whatever you are working on. If you want to critique someone else's work, please be constructive with your opinions and explain how they might improve. Make sure you only post comments you would be fine with receiving.

Give Us a Link
Love what we are doing? Share the forums with your friends, on your website. We would love it.


No Trolling or Bullying [Racism, Sexism, Bad Language, etc.]
It goes along with being nice. If we do see any trolling, bullying, or any other similar behavior, we will take action against it and it won't be pretty.

No Spamming
We get your point with one post. We don't need to see the post multiple times or across irrelevant topics. This behavior will not be tolerated and will result in warnings or bans. If you do make a mistake, reach out to staff and we can move a topic to the correct category.

Make sure your post is relevant to the subject of the section you are posting in
Make sure that you are posting in the correct topic before you post it. This makes the staff's life easier and if we consistently see this behavior, action will be taken. We do understand mistakes can happen.

Don't Share Music You Don't Own
Please don't share music you don't have the rights to (unless you are posting as a label owner/manager about new releases) or without providing the proper credit.
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